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What can you do with one batch of Formoa?

Weighing more than two Fiat 500's or bonding 9000 bathroom sinks... Do you know what one batch of Formoa® can do?

Did you also know that if packed into one continuous foilpack one batch of Formoa would be 54 meters taller than The Shard and exactly the same height as the Almas Tower?

Find out...

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Production Process: Why is it so critical?

Production process is one of the most critical components in any product. Take a cake for example, two people can have the same recipe, the same ingredients, and the same instructions, yet the end result can be completely different. One cake can be light and fluffy, whilst the other can be dense...

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Every Journey Tells Its Own Story. Find Out More About The Forgeway Rebrand.

Every journey tells a story, one that is totally unique. This is the story of the Forgeway rebrand…

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A day in the life of... Q&A with Roderick Buckley our Managing Director

In this blog series we interview members of the team to find out what it is that inspires them and what working at Forgeway means to them. We start with Rod Buckley our MD.

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Great Cost Saving in the Commercial Vehicle Industry

There are countless blogs and articles on how to reduce costs and as a commercial vehicle manufacturer there are many quick wins that can be achieved, resulting in a more efficient workplace and a more efficient product.

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