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Right from the start, we have taken the best products and practices from core industrial manufacturing sectors and transformed them into something great. Pyrok 9142 is a two-component water-based adhesive developed for bonding applications in aerospace and mass transit interiors.

It is a Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) compliant, heat reactive adhesive used for bonding fabrics, leatherette materials and decorative laminates. The importance of fire retardant products has long been the focus of the aviation industry, yet toxic smoke is one of the biggest culprits for death. The knowledge of fire retardant compliancy, reduced smoke and toxic emission, balanced with ultra-low heat release, has always been our focus. This has been transferred into the whole Pyrok range to produce a product that has a very high peel strength and durability, whilst still meeting all regulatory standards.

Alongside this, many major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers across the globe now require compliance to AS9100 certification as a condition of doing business with them. These are additional quality system requirements that satisfy DOD, NASA, and FAA regulations. There are very few adhesive manufacturers around the world who hold this certificate, and Forgeway is one of them. All of our products are compliant with this elite regulation, giving our adhesives and sealants the seal of approval from some of the biggest airlines in the world.

With the increasing demands for higher quality materials such as leather and the continuously evolving aviation standards, Forgeway has developed a number of derivatives of Pyrok 9142 to work in combination with the latest synthetic laminated products. Not only will it bond fabrics and laminates, it will adhere PVC, Polyurethane, rubber and much more to materials such as aluminium, wood, GRP, Nomex type honeycomb and faced plywood.

There are many benefits to Pyrok 9142, not only can it be re-positioned once stuck, it is a sprayable, high spec adhesive, with very high grab and a low coat weight. It has a long open time of up to eight hours and once fully cross-linked, Pyrok 9142 has excellent temperature and moisture resistance.

While the drying time may vary depending on ambient temperature and humidity, with porous substrates it will dry in approximately 30-35 minutes. This can, however, be reduced with an increase of heat, but to ensure maximum bond strength is received, we would always recommend leaving the product for up to 48 hours.

If you’d like to find out more about the Pyrok range, visit our webpage or call 01626 367070 and ask to speak with a member of our sales team today.

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