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Staff Charity Days at Forgeway


Meet Ian. He is one of our Research and Development Chemists here at Forgeway, and has recently volunteered at a charity for bereaved children and young people.

Ian’s chosen charity was Jeremiah’s Journey. Their main service is to run group programmes and support sessions for children and young adults who have recently lost someone near to them.

They use creative activities within the sessions to enable children to express their feelings of grief, share their memories of their loved ones, and explore effective ways of coping to build resilience. They provide activities for families to do together which allows them to have fun and build lasting friendships.

Jeremiah’s also offer support to children who have terminally ill parents, providing them with a safe place to meet others who are facing similar uncertainty and reassuring them that they are not alone.

We wanted to find out more about Ian’s volunteering experience, so caught up with him when he returned to work.

What made you choose Jeremiah’s Journey for your charity day?

“Jeremiahs Journey support bereaved children & young people, this appeals to me as I have seen some of my family and loved ones struggle without such support during these situations.”

What did you do when you first arrived?

“Upon arrival, I was introduced to the small yet dedicated group of staff at JJ’s HQ. They formed two teams (clinical and fundraising) and to an outsider, they were extremely welcoming.”

What were your first impressions?

“The staff and volunteers all had great team cohesion and there was a clear sense of fun as they worked, whilst maintaining composure & understanding when called upon to offer support to those in need of counsel.”

How did you spend your day?

“Throughout the course of the day I undertook a variety of tasks such as counting collection tin money and recording the quantities for thank-you cards, conducting a stock inventory for charity memorabilia, preparing running jerseys & compliment slips for volunteer marathon runners, preparing flyers for Christmas events and assisting with general admin for payment tracking and donation tracking.”

How did volunteering make you feel?

“Very rewarding. Knowing that by undertaking these basic tasks, the core team could focus on the more important work of the charity was extremely rewarding.

What did you take away from your day at Jeremiah’s Journey?

“The work undertaken by the support staff is truly courageous. It dawned on me that the support and services they provide are only possible because of the fundraising and donations made by local support. When I saw the good they were doing it was surprising that such a service was not part of everyday life In schools, care centres etc.

“My charity day at JJ’s has made me realise I can do more to help. It was a fantastic day, but I left feeling that I could have done more, as such I am now on their mailing list and have already volunteered to help set up the Christmas fundraising event ‘Bollywood Ball’ held in December.”

Will you be volunteering there again?

“As a fully DBS checked volunteer I intend on continuing to help where I can & have been added to the volunteer activities network. I look forward to helping out at JJ’s again.”

Have you or your company ever considered staff charity days? Charitable giving isn't just a way of networking and generating great marketing opportunities, but performing charitable work can be positively rewarding to the employee’s health and well-being. To find out more about the ways in which our staff help the local community, get in touch today. 

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