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Got a problem? We have the solution!

Continuous Development, Intelligent Solutions. That’s what we stand for. We’re not just another adhesive manufacturer, at Forgeway we are committed to searching for solutions for our customers. When we first start working with you, one of the questions you will be asked is “If we had a magic...

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Forgeway brings Formoa to The CV Show

This year marked Forgeway’s debut at The CV Show – and what a show it was!

We had a great time meeting up with familiar faces and connecting with new ones. Our stand sure turned a few heads, and we can’t wait to see where our new relationships will take us.

Bringing our revolutionary product ...

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Forgeway at The CV Show 2017 – Stand 3D80

The CV Show is just days away and Forgeway are getting ready for their debut at the show!

As a UK based manufacturer, our aim is to stay at the forefront of adhesive technology and the latest regulatory demands. We produce high performance innovative products for our customers, enabling them to...

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Get your free health check at the CV Show on Stand 3D80!

We’re exhibiting at the CV Show 25th – 27th April 2017. Demonstrating how we’ve helped manufacturers in the industry solve problems during the past 20 years. Barriers that were once insurmountable are now the “norm”; amongst these are, increased payload, improved vehicle aesthetics and reduced...

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Formoa Gb – Super Reliable Glass Bonding

Found in every continent of the world – bonding windows in people movers and road transportation – tens of thousands of vehicles, travelling more than 10 million miles per week, carrying more than 1 billion passengers per year.

The Formoa Gb range of adhesives are continuing to gain a reputation...

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Is it possible to stop staining on vehicle sides?

A question we often find ourselves asking customers is “if we had a magic wand, what problem would you like us to solve?” Many OEMs in the transportation industry are facing similar issues. A issue that many manufacturers share is staining on vehicle sides; so, what causes it, and how can the...

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Mould Part 1: Is it really that bad?

So, what exactly is mould?

Mould is a naturally occurring microscopic organism that is a vital part of nature’s recycling system. It destroys whatever it grows on as it feeds on and digests it. Mould can spread either by extension of tiny root hairs called hyphae, or it produces spores (tiny...

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Mould Part 2: What can you do about it?

Where does mould cause the most problems?

Although most of us know the dangers mould poses to our health, it is still found all around us. Statistics show that around one in five British homes suffer with problems of black mould. However, mould is not an issue that is confined to the home - it...

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Technical Insight 010: Application matters

Selecting the right adhesive for your application can be difficult, with many different factors that must be considered at the outset. Whilst the type of application influences which type of adhesive should be used - 2k, 1k, flexible, rigid, tape, etc - how it is applied is equally as important....

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