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10 Surprising Facts About Weight Saving in the Aviation Industry.

Have you ever wondered how aeroplanes improve their fuel efficiency? Every industry is defined by something, and the one defining thing about the aviation industry must be its obsession with all things weight related. However, it is not without reason, the following facts may surprise you...

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Evolution of Formoa – Primerless Adhesive Technology

One definition of evolution is “the gradual development of something”, and Formoa is certainly a product that has done this. Over the past 20 years it has changed and developed into the class-leading product range you see today.

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High-Strength, Flexibility or All-in-One Adhesive?

With over 20 years’ industry experience we understand that both 1k and 2k adhesive systems have their own respective merits. But have you ever wished that there was an adhesive that had the strength and cure time of a 2k with the flexibility of a 1k?

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Every Journey Tells Its Own Story. Find Out More About The Forgeway Rebrand.

Every journey tells a story, one that is totally unique. This is the story of the Forgeway rebrand…

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A day in the life of... Q&A with Roderick Buckley our Managing Director

In this blog series we interview members of the team to find out what it is that inspires them and what working at Forgeway means to them. We start with Rod Buckley our MD.

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Great Cost Saving in the Commercial Vehicle Industry

There are countless blogs and articles on how to reduce costs and as a commercial vehicle manufacturer there are many quick wins that can be achieved, resulting in a more efficient workplace and a more efficient product.

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Increase Fuel Efficiency of Commercial Vehicles

There are some things that however unfortunate or annoying they just have to be dealt with! Fluctuating fuel prices is definitely one of the above, and whilst there is not a lot anyone can do about this, you can help yourself by ensuring that your vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible....

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Got a problem? We have the solution!

Continuous Development, Intelligent Solutions. That’s what we stand for. We’re not just another adhesive manufacturer, at Forgeway we are committed to searching for solutions for our customers. When we first start working with you, one of the questions you will be asked is “If we had a magic...

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Forgeway brings Formoa to The CV Show

This year marked Forgeway’s debut at The CV Show – and what a show it was!

We had a great time meeting up with familiar faces and connecting with new ones. Our stand sure turned a few heads, and we can’t wait to see where our new relationships will take us.

Bringing our revolutionary product ...

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