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Evolution of Formoa – Primerless Adhesive Technology

One definition of evolution is “the gradual development of something”, and Formoa is certainly a product that has done this. Over the past 20 years it has changed and developed into the class-leading product range you see today.

Back in 1997, Formoa 006-240 was the first of its kind. Since then, we have spent the last 20 years developing the product in conjunction with solving customer problems. One example of this is a mass transport vehicle manufacturer who was having warranty issues including, blistered interiors and rotten floors. Since making the switch to Formoa, this particular customer has been an integral part of the Formoa journey and have seen first-hand how Forgeway provides intelligent solutions time after time.


Since 2000 Formoa has been a challenger brand, dispelling the myths of cure times meaning that vehicles could move down the production lines much faster.

In 2001 Formoa colours were established, allowing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to use colour-matched adhesive with reasonable minimum order quantities (MOQs) for the first time. Formoa 010 was also developed and dubbed “Formoa Andrex”; soft, strong and long! Due to its flexibility, strength and open time. Originally Formoa 010 was used for roof bonding, now it is the backbone of the Colours range.

2003 brought Formoa 017FE into the product range. This product was independently tested and achieved outstanding results, exceeding customer expectations.

The next major development in the Formoa range came in 2005, where the glazing rule book was          
re-written. For years it had been accepted that the concept of primerless glazing wouldn’t work. The Formoa Glass Bonding range flipped the myth on its head, proving that it was possible to bond glass without primer. Now, 12 years on and 1000’s of buses later; millions of people look through and are protected from the elements by glass bonded with Formoa Screen.

2006 was a new chapter in the history of Formoa Colours, enabling us to create completely bespoke colours with very small MOQs – 48 cartridges to be precise. The range of colours has continued expanding since then, as we now have over 200 colours available from current formulations, with more colours being added weekly as we meet customer requirements. We can also match metallic colours for customers’ liveries; amongst these are Dark Bronze, Azure Blue and Rose Gold.

Fast forward 12 months to 2007 and Formoa embarked on another exciting new project –the very first totally bonded delivery vehicle. This was a conceptional Luton Body, developed in conjunction with the market leader in the truck body industry. The competition labelled this as a “make or break” project. That was over 10 years ago now – so we’ll leave you to judge the success of this!

Making the transition from traditional riveted constructions to a fully bonded body with lightweight panels and extrusions allowed the manufacturer to increase the payload of the vehicle by over 200kg! Since 2007 the market for bonded truck bodies has exploded and the traditional riveted model is nearing extinction.

Many developments have ensued over the years since then. The Forgeway rebrand in 2016 was the start of a new epoch for Formoa. The colours concept was introduced and has revolutionised the shop floor experience for many operators. Every product within the Formoa range was developed in answer to a customer problem. Formoa 017FE has always been the foundation of the range with the other products were brought in to compliment it. The product range periodic table below illustrates this.


More recently, we have had some new and exciting developments within the range. These are:

  • Formoa 095, a high-strength adhesive which has the strength of a 2k adhesive and the flexibility of a 1k adhesive.
  • Formoa FR is another exciting development that was designed to meet the requirements of EN45545 for the Rail Industry.

You may, or may not know, but Formoa is an integral part of so many vehicles found on our roads today. From buses to home delivery vehicles, trains and planes – some supercar manufacturers have even used it for certain projects!

The strength of Formoa lies in its ability to adapt to change. Whatever the requirements of an application we can develop a viable product. Every product has a unique story behind its creation, and who knows, your product story could be intertwined in one of them. Why not set us your next challenge and see where Formoa will take you?!

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