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Every Journey Tells Its Own Story. Find Out More About The Forgeway Rebrand.

Every journey tells a story, one that is totally unique. This is the story of the Forgeway rebrand…

 The journey started with extensive customer consultation as our sales team kept coming back with the same customer issues. Diverse workforces and unskilled labour was leading to costly mistakes with the wrong products being used in the wrong places, something had to change.

 This phenomenon can partly be attributed to the Global Financial Crisis as manufacturers had been forced to lay off skilled labour due to the economic downturn, but when things picked up again the labour pool had changed. For many, the skilled labourers they relied on had moved on, they now had to rely on whoever they could find that was willing to work.

No school teaches the skills needed during phases of rapid business growth, therefore unskilled labour had to be recruited. Thus, the colour coding concept was born.

The vision was to be able to instantly identify products on a busy shop floor and for operators to be able to differentiate between products regardless of their knowledge or understanding. Colour is a universal language, it crosses barriers and means that any operator can have confidence that the product they’re using is the right one.

This concept then sparked a conversation internally, by which it was decided that the brand we’d known for many years simply wasn’t going to be able to take us to the next level. The old branding, which had been our trademark for over 20 years and was inspired by Forgeway’s original product lines, had served its purpose. We knew the colour identification for the individual product brands was strong, but we also had coloured packaging within those sub-brands and we sold coloured adhesives! The confusion had to go! So, with the help of a creative agency, the new Forgeway brand was developed – a brand that educated its users into using the right product in the right place.

Celebrating the chemical ingenuity behind our products was a key part of the thought process, and the new brand was designed to play on this, reflecting the elements of the periodic table.

As the rebrand journey continues we regularly consult with our customers to ensure we meet all their needs. This has resulted in further refining of concepts to make life even easier for operators – enabling our rebrand to go from strength to strength as it becomes more recognisable throughout the industry.  

Colour coding concept explained

The Formoa colour coding concept provides an intelligent solution to shop floor confusion. The four colours of the foils, cartridges and boxes denote the product application. Blue for primarily sealing with a little bonding, yellow for primarily bonding and a little sealing, green for high strength bonding and red for glass bonding. The concept is continuously evolving and improving, and for some customers we have already created bespoke posters detailing where each colour should be used. Green is used for panel bonding, red for windshield bonding, yellow for backfilling and glazing and blue seals everything up.

To top it all off, we like to think that a pallet stacked with products from all 4 Formoa ranges is reminiscent of childhood Lego games and we hope that a Forgeway delivery brings a smile to our customers faces...

Second life for boxes...

The outer packaging is also designed with the user in mind. Companies like Amazon and Zappos have reshaped customer expectations over the past years. Customers expect to be wowed, even in the B2B market – plain boxes just don’t cut it anymore!

With this in mind, we designed all of our boxes to be colour coordinated with the product to ensure identification, but that’s not all! Foil pack boxes also have carrying handles to make transportation around the shop floor even easier. Our sales team often say that as they go around visiting customers they see more Forgeway boxes containing shop floor paraphernalia than they see boxes containing the actual product!

Despatch boxes are also designed with a second life in mind. As a two-part box, much like an archive box, the potential uses for these are limitless! Some uses we’ve seen so far include: moving house, taking pets to the vets and loft storage boxes.

Moving forward

As the company grows the brand will continue to evolve and change with new product and packaging innovations being added all the time. That’s not all, we’re committed to sharing knowledge to educate our partners. We’d love you to be a part of this journey going forward, so to help us help you, let us know what features and benefits you’d most value and we’ll come up with an intelligent solution – after all, that’s what we stand for!

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